About Us

Hogarth who?

We’re the Chiswick-based chapter of BNI – the most successful business networking group of its kind in the world.  We support each other by passing the kind of business referrals that we are actively seeking – thus helping our individual businesses to grow and thrive.  One beautifully predictable aspect of who we are is our weekly meetings.

WHEN: Thursday mornings from 6.30 until 9.00am (so it fits into the working day)
WHERE:  Dukes Meadows Golf Club, Dan Mason Dr, Chiswick, London W4 2SH
HOW MUCH: As a visitor, attending a breakfast meeting costs you just £15.00.

So why the name ‘Hogarth’? It reflects the place where we meet – Chiswick – which is also home to many of our members.

As you cast your eyes over our members’ page, you may notice the wide variety of businesses, (ie. how there’s only one photographer, one web designer etc). We welcome visitors from all businesses. And, if you are planning on coming, do contact us beforehand. Thanks.